Balcones True Blue 100 Proof | Cacao Nibs

This temporary life of confinement has, in some ways, amplified muted or even forgotten senses. Surely, some of you have found new regulation in recent daily routine like sleep patterns to meal times. Here, we have found even more appreciation in the consumption process.. because, simply… we have time! 

Enter the Balcones innovative True Blue 100 proof…  Made of 100% blue corn, this #Texas #whisky without an ‘E’ is an expression we have never tasted before! And thank goodness for all of this time to savor the  syrupy nose hinting at a beautiful complex experience to come! Contrasting aromatics vary from bright tropical to earthy vegetal, while a complex flavor spectrum of dried florals and herbs leads this flavor train to its final destination… citrus & cacao town! Perhaps these are just a few indications highlighting differences in #maize variety.  Known for its higher tolerance, blue corn thrives with a bit of deprivation in the changing elements… essentially its a superhero flavor saver which is why this Waco dram is not like the rest! We are excited to continue our #Balcones journey as this pot stilled madness has awakened the senses! Original. Beautiful.

The Cacao Nib #donut at #OliBoli in Tustin has been a staple of their permanent menu for some time now.  And for good reason, freshly roasted cacao bean crumbles accompany the silky sugar and vanilla glaze atop this dense chocolate cake.  Shell like crunches upon each bite add an unfamiliar experience to typical #doughnut grinding, while buttery morsels randomly lay hidden in the dough like buried treasure in a remote  island.  Much like features in the #whiskey, thanks to the nibs, this hoop screams wild flowers and bitter sweetness.  Add in a bit of heat from the #BottledInBond referenced spirit, and this is a wonderful #WhiskyAndDonuts pairing to dissect while #stayinghome!

Patience and faith friends! We will speak again soon!

#Slainte mBath