Paul John Christmas Edition 2019 | Apple Brandy Crumble

Paul John Christmas Edition | Apple Brandy Crumble

We vow to approach this year’s reflection process early.. Let us digress as we can see the questionable expressions on all of your beautiful faces!  A bit of W&D insight.. lately, as we gaze upon our growing ‘NARNIA’ of malts, amongst the social bustle of holiday preparees and a sudden addiction to all things endurance for selfish daily improvement, we find ourselves satisfied and CALM.  So, what better opportunity to acknowledge it all.. good, bad and everything in between… its all about perspective right?

Acknowledging the good.. We are grateful for our growing friendship with Koray (@whiskymonster)… not for the reason he so graciously provided this amazing bottle of limited #PaulJohnWhisky PX and holiday spice, but because amongst the ‘look at me’ race of whisky and #cocktail culture in social media and beyond, K-LO (*thats what we decided to call him during this) has become a true friend.  From the NON shoulder-mcpad wearin’ first & 10 more timeouts to go until halftime FOOTBALL banter, to planning our first 10 song set for a sold out Village Vanguard, K-LO likes what he likes, knows his whisky but never lets that detour him from keeping it REAL.

This leads us to this #Christmas Edition #whisky of 2019…
Similar to last years release, offers a #REAL holiday experience! Add patience to allow for more delicate sweetness to arrive.  Much like offerings from @benromach, which we hold in very high regard, this #dram loves to quiz the senses.  We can only hope through popularity and word of mouth, this will become more abundant in the future!

Back to #BlueStarDonuts for a seasonal cracker of a #donut! Absolutely a perfect compliment to this pairing, the Apple Brandy Crumble returns in full force and almost more buttery than before!  A super dense and ultra-moist vanilla #cake topped with a fresh tart apple and #ClearCreekDistillery barrel-aged brandy glaze sets the scene for an ideal fireside & white elephant holi-hang!

In summary, reflect, be merry, be grateful, love who you are with, love what you have…. AND don’t hesitate to indulge in quality made spirits and hand crafted culinary treats!



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