Glenallachie 15 | Pumpkin Pie

Glenallachie 15 | Pumpkin Pie

More whisky, more donuts.  Much like the pace of todays lifestyle, the search for the infinite ‘more‘ continues to fuel the consumption of the undiscovered all while setting sights on the ‘next‘ even before the digestion process of the current has initiated. But in contrast, we remain present thanks to the word ‘SAVOR‘ ready in our the holster as a reminder… what remains is up to you.  Like whisky, anything can be treated as a time slowing luxury… of course, with the mentality to completely give in to whatever that is. So why not now join us with this pairing and LETS MAKE IT LAST FOREVER.

If you are an avid follower of uh… US, then you now our love for the #Glenallachie brand is unwavering.  With the much anticipated release of their 15 YO duo’d sherry sensation into the core range, the reborn distillery seems to be up to speed.  Thanks to Billy Walker and his loyal team, quality over quantity seems to be the reoccurring theme with every release.  Don’t believe us?… The proof is in the pudding.  Silky chocolate and jams combined with light pepper and holiday spice definitely puts this dram in the SAVOR category!  For our stateside compadres, be patient.. we will see more of this on our shelves soon!

This time traveling experience wouldn’t be complete without the #donut.  Thanks to #Oliboli and their limited release of the #PumpkinPie, we can now engage the flux time capacitor and bring this baby up to 88 MPH.  But we found ourselves befuddled at the decomposition of this one…  What does pumpkin pie taste like?  Cinnamon, refined sugar, nutmeg? Hmm.. perhaps the richness of butter within the crust or… by default, we JUST love it because its the sweet comfort post holiday feast. Regardless, thanks to the construction of butter whipped cream, textured crust crumb and spice driven dough, this #WhiskyAndDonuts pairing is a euphoria. Balance and complex, each promotes where the other may be asking.

Whatever bottle and #doughnut you may have at the moment, we hope you completely enjoy it.


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