Old Pulteney 15 | Cranberry Orange

Whisky Wednesday - Old Pulteney 15YO

Video Credit Whiskey Wednesday / Phil Dwyer @pdwyer92 ,Manchester, UK

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We want to go back.
This liquid in our glass is not just an end to the alchemist’s brewing chemistry, but more importantly, vivid memories of travel and romance unlocked within each sip… in fact, theres one word in #Brazil that describes this best..’SAUDADE’…
Our first trip through Wick, home to the #OldPulteney juice, was strictly a northern search of big #surf and dramatic landscape perspectives for the lens. We can smell the brine in the onshore gusts, the chewing sound beneath our boots from granite chards colliding with sand and soil.  Our beats per minute become less frequent as the locals casually check off their daily agendas throughout town while we humbly take notice to the habits of a fisherman stocking his vessel in preparation for the next catch…
Cracking open this bottle most certainly unlocks the door to all of these things, which is what any good #whisky should do, but regardless if you have travelled to the origin of your preferred hooch or not, simply allowing the time for your mind to imagine you getting there whilst you sip away is a great start right?

Like @pdwyer92 comments, this dram provides a light approach with a big finish. Laid back and subtle distillery characteristics in all of the right places, not that in lacks for any element, but cordially steps aside to leave room for our featured donut to shine while taking it’s solo when asked of it!

The Cranberry Orange #donut from OliBoli is a perfect #whiskyanddonuts pairing with the 15YO #scotch. The airy yeast dough plunged in a fresh combined glaze topped with delicate candied cranberries not only honors elements of #Thanksgiving tradition but also shows donut-kitchen culture how to properly implement citrus and tart profiles into the recipe!  The more prominent dark and salty finish of the single malt reels the buttery #dough back into combination beautifully…

Enjoy the weekend… In the meantime, we dream of going back… WE WILL GO BACK


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