SCN Aultmore 30YO 1989 | Carrot Cake

…the whole point of this is to reset, be conscious, look within and express with others and smile

Periodically.. we forget to focus on the original plan of action. Although, to us treading off the beaten path is so alluring.. like water to a labrador, a reminder is sometimes needed to sweep away the accumulative clutter exposing the true message. 
No matter how infrequent we contribute these pairings to the ‘feed’, it is still within a schedule. The word schedule is potentially a contributing factor to the antithesis of #WhiskyAndDonuts. Not that regiment is bad, but the whole point of this is to reset, be conscious, look within, express with others and smile.  That is why THIS pairing is not necessarily to help saturate another hashtag (insert #NationalScotchDay), but go deeper and share the joy of how it was constructed! 

As the plot thickens and the search for that pot of golden nectar at the end of the DRAMbow creates a fever, we arrive at checkpoints along the way which satisfy, surprise and potentially alter the course.  Thanks to local whisky culture and new friends, independent bottlers like #SingleCaskNation are releasing gems like these to be discovered and shared to the ones who seek it!  An unadulterated 30YO #Aultmore from 1989, aged in 1st fill fill oloroso sherry butts (he said butts), deserves nothing less than your full attention.  With such complexity in flavor and feel, it is shocking that an older aged #singlemalt like this is attainable for less than $400!  Yes, not your average store pickup but average is not why you follow this account!

Single Cask Nation Aultmore 30 - Whisky And Donuts -
Single Cask Nation Aultmore 30 - Whisky And Donuts -
Single Cask Nation Aultmore 30 - Whisky And Donuts -

Thanks to @whiskyjedi for joining us on this socially distant safari to hunt down the perfect donut for this premium #scotch ba-bomb! Full of excitement and intrigue we finally hit gold at the #donuttery in #HuntingtonBeach which, oddly enough, is the same donut shop that sparked this whole venture!  Their infamous, super-moist and rich Carrot Cake #donut embodies this dram start to finish.  Nutty, salty and even spice draw out the oils like a vampire while the buttery cream cheese frosting high fives with baked fruits warm wood and herbs…. Now we are drooling.

Does this bottle qualify to pair with a donut?? Are we punk rock or straight up disrespectful?… Regardless, we are thankful for the opportunity to have shared the process, constructed the visual and tasted the outcome all while laughing and expressing pointless opinions about the process.. because… that is what life is about.

Until the next pairing, #Slainte 

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