• Wolfburn Distillery - Thurso, Caithness Wolfburn 2016 Release & Macadamia Coconut

    It is a great time to be alive as we bear witness to the birth of another great Scottish distillery! Reminiscent of Benromach, Wolfburn distillery takes it's place on to the single malt stage with traditional authenticity and a progressive attitude.  Based in the most northern city of Scotland's mainland,  Thurso provides unique ingredients and [...] Continue Reading
  • How To Drink Whisky from the Nose.

    Thanks to the invention of  the inter webs, we can now enjoy the never-ending variations of "how to "correctly" enjoy our whisk(e)y" videos and editorials! Regardless, of our belief  which is (THAT THERE IS NO RIGHT WAY TO ENJOY WHISK(e)Y).... hell, we pair drams and donuts which means we know NOTHING!!!!, others are only offering their knowledge [...] Continue Reading
  • Ardbeg Dark Cove | Midsummer Garden Cake Ardbeg Dark Cove | Midsummer Garden Cake

    Varieties of whisky are traditionally named expressions for the simple reason that each bottling expresses something different. Different is usually a good thing in our opinion.  Sometimes a distiller holds true to their formula and other times take a drop or two of madness and turn frankenstein in the laboratory.  Who ever gets to decide [...] Continue Reading
  • Anthony Bourdain, You Son Of A Bitch. Anthony Bourdain, You Son Of A Bitch.

    Anthony Bourdain, You Son Of A Bitch. If you are not familiar with chef turned television personality, do yourself a favor and search Bourdain on Netflix.  Known for his food/travel series No Reservations and CNN series Parts Unknown , Bourdain is back as tv host again.  Raw Craft and Bourdain is brought to you by the Balvenie distillery.   RawCraft, dedicates [...] Continue Reading
  • Alexander Murray Dailuaine 16 Alexander Murray Dailuaine | Vanilla & Coffee

    One must appreciate the level of consistency it takes to create a good bottle of whisky... especially for the batches created specifically for the independent bottlers.  Taken away from it's home and out from underneath the umbrella of it's own distilleries regiment, the large volumes of liquid sunshine have to maintain it's quality and characteristics to [...] Continue Reading
  • Re-release ofVirgin Oak Finish Aged 14 Years | The Glendronach Distillery The Re-Release Glendronach 14 Virgin Oak

    We are very excited and slightly nervous to try the re-release of the Glendronach 14 Virgin Oak . Simply for the reason that we, at Whisky & Donuts, have a special place in our hearts for the Glendronach Distillery .  One of our personal favorites, discontinued 15 Revival, is a benchmark in the whisky world.  We were […]

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