The Art of Pairing

What began as a visual art project through through social platforms, has now grown into full fruition.
Spirits and food mash-ups are nothing new, but wait until you experience this!
Simply, the pairing of whisky and donuts WORKS!
We continue to enjoy the combinations of new & old pairings and we think you will too!

Whisky And Donuts -

Whisky Gives you Answers.
Donuts Give You Swagger.

Join a worldwide exclusive society dedicated to a lifelong quest for craftmanship, tradition & pure love for two of the most beautifully sinful provisions ever created.

Singularly, they stand strong on their own.  But together, they offer a portal key into a euphoric fifth dimension.

The two often go together very well as the basic dough of every donut paired tends to draw out familiar notes of grain and malt from the whisky. Donut toppings act as subtle nuisances much like distillery region characteristics and the effect of different woods for aging.

— Johnny | Whisky & Donuts™ Creator

Costa Mesa CA 92626
United States of America

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