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The classic 12 Year Old Aberfeldy single malt Scotch whisky is distilled in the Highlands.

While the label sadly no longer features a red squirrel, it now comes with a rather handsome black and rose-gold colour palate to match the rich, malty flavour profile.

This expression is an excellent introduction to this Highland distillery.

Aberfeldy’s main claim to fame is as the heart of the excellent Dewar’s blend but whiskies like this are putting it firmly in the spotlight.
Reserved as the heart of Dewar’s blends, limited quantities of Aberfeldy single malt are now available. At 12 years old, Aberfeldy is noted for its heather honey nose, full body and rounded taste. The finish is elegant, with pronounced spice and hints of orange.

Multi-gold award winner!

This shows gorgeous amber colour with golden hues; the nose is highly fragrant with aromas of dried flowers, honey, spice and a hint of smokiness; the palate is round with apple, butterscotch, tangerine, cocoa powder and light peat; the finish lingers with notes of sweet vanilla and Seville oranges.

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