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Ardbeg 10 | S'MORES

Surely, most of you are familiar with this bottle?  But as common as it may be to our cabinet, we are amazed that it has never featured in a #WhiskyAndDonuts pairing!  This is either a testament to the abundance of delicious choices we ALL have within #whisky or could it be that we finally kept a bottle of this #Ardbeg 10 full enough to photograph before consuming like so many past empties of its kind!

The workhorse of this #Islay #distillery offers such beautiful standard to the world of #peat we #love.  Smoky, fruity with aromatics gulps of menthol, fresh pepper and little toasted everythings is only the descriptive surface while the subtleties which truly create the affinity for this expression lies beneath when we can find the space to investigate with an open mind, a deserving palate and plenty of WE time!

Can you imagine sharing this bottle bundled next to a cracking #bonfire after a long day of #surfing watching the sun drop beneath the ocean surface while roasting handmade s’mores? Well we can.. and lucky for us a new #RandysDonuts has recently opened near our HQ to help best emulate that perfect scenario! Best known for their fabricated giant donuts above the store locations, like the one seen in the movie #IronMan, their take on a s’more #donut is out of this world!  Consisting of a generous handful of mini #marshmallows topping the buttery fried hoop then drizzled with rich chocolate glaze and toasted graham cracker crumbles, sweet and smoky is the theme. The donut calls to the buttermilk and brine within the dram as the variable textures within each bite offer cushion for that charred sting we love to repeat.

#PeatLover or not, let us know what you think about this match up! We thoughly enjoy the banter!


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