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We are noticing a trend in #whisky lately… a trend that we hope sustains within what we know now as a culture boom of darks spirits.  Simply put, it’s NO FEAR!  Where the standard is considered to be the most traditionally untouched process passed down from past generations to the absolute idea that the older the #barrel the better.. Personally, we relish the opportunities to experience these progressive and ‘trendy’ expressions that some may turn a blind eye in fear that their pre conceived palate pref and notions of image have failed them, and more importantly, they may like it.

This recent release of Fusion Series No.5 from the revamped #Bardstown brand has our attention.  With the obvious name as a descriptor, this release embraces the old and new by fusing an 11 year old #whiskey with two carefully selected mashbills… NOW we are going to act like we know what that means and profess how that has influenced our sip to say that it IS the reason we tasted beautiful notes of tropical fruit and Scottish cakes in the dram…. But that’s just BS!  On the real, whatever the process, whatever the theme, this is absolutely #delicious!  Oily stems hang on our glass as bitter and sweet spices linger on the tongue AND THERE ARE wonderful notes of toasted coconut, tropical climates and #scottish cakes for daaayyys.

Amidst the #ManhattanBeach menagerie, thanks to the @avpbeach tour, ‘Me & KG’ headed to a #WhiskyAndDonuts fav spot @bluestardonuts to search for an element that would contribute to the fusion..  The limited #PassionFruit #donut seemed to be the one.  This light vanilla cake (perhaps #brioche) hoop dropped into a passion fruit glaze then topped with #cayenne sprinkles and dark #cacao nibs extracts the subtle spices and delicate malt from the dram! Each sip and bite further sings the tropical song in parallel as the super soft buttery dough melts in harmony with the nectar.

FEAR NOT. Happy pairing everyone! #Slainte

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