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Let Them Eat Cake... and some Whisky!

You knew it, we knew it… when this expression was announced we automatically began planning something special for this #WhiskyAndDonuts pairing! Many of you reached out to make sure we had this on the upcoming posts, so thank you.. the day has come and here it is!

Beyond the fitting packaging perfect for a platform such as ours, we were intrigued to get our hands on this experimental expression from the highland sauce Haus Glenmorangie for the simple reason that our past experience with Tokaji-centric whisky has been a delicious one.  The Hungarian dessert wine plays a beautiful accent to the familiar golden malty characteristics from this distillery. With more time and oxygen, the spirit flourishes to unveil similar notes which Dr. Bill so passionately describes, ‘..from the pineapple upside down cake his daughter made for his birthday to baking with his Granny in her kitchen.’

Glenmorangie A Tale Of Cake - Whisky And Donuts -
Glenmorangie A Tale Of Cake - Whisky And Donuts -
Glenmorangie A Tale Of Cake - Whisky And Donuts -
Glenmorangie A Tale Of Cake - Whisky And Donuts -

To be completely transparent, we chose these donuts based upon a cosmetic perspective over its edible ingredients list.  Not to say that the donuts from local #CraftedDonuts are only relevant for their visual click-bait allure, rather it had to be colorfully consistent to stand with the awesome presentation and packaging of this #scotch!  Yet again, this process continues to humble and surprise as the moist and buttery vanilla cake dough offered a lovely gusto to the honey, spiced vanilla and ‘baked goods’ palate of the dram.  The general concern for candied sprinkles, which sometimes offer little to the pairing experience, was the overwhelming sweetness of confectionary sugars and the image this bottle created before trying… but again, packaging is everything!  In this case, there are many beautiful insights inside the bottle which match the elaborately themed packaging and we can’t wait to revisit this one again to taste its development and perhaps it will inspire us to grab a different donut!

Have you tried this expression yet?  Which one of you favorite cakes would you pair with this whisky?  No ideas? Follow Dominque Ansel for a bit of sweet tooth inspiration! Until the next one, #SlainteMbath

Cheers to #Glenmorangie and #Wagstaff for helping make this pairing possible.

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Eat The Donuts

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