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Glenwyvis Batch 02/18 | Hazelnut Pear

First, let’s cover the stats. Matured for three years in: 60% First Fill #Tennessee #whisky, 25% First Fill Oloroso, 15% Refill whisky, 100% community owned #distillery.. The Batch 02/18 from #scottish highland #singlemalt maker Glenwyvis Distillery ( @glenwyvis ) is just delicious!

It is always exciting to discover the product of a new creation from #Scotland.  Whether the focus is driven by new distilling technologies or authentic representation of local flavor, there is always room for another seat at the #scotch table.  Through crowdfunding and an solid embrace of sustainable process, we look forward to good things from our #friends at #Glenwyvis and the surrounding community of #Dingwall.

Paired with the seasonal creation, Hazelnut Pear,  from our local #donut standard here in Southern #California @olibolidonuts, this #whiskyanddonuts pairing reaffirms the coming together of these two crafts.. especially after our extended time away from promoting the our process!

The freshness of the liquid draws out the sweet acidity of the pear while the salty-savory topping upon the buttery dough hoop is in unison with grassy wood notes within young spirit.  Perhaps a duo to enjoy closer to warmer seasons, this is absolutely mouth watering and complimentary to both makers and their crafts on any day of the year!

Thank you to the ones who helped offer these two entities to our studio.. we can’t to wait to create another one.

Cheers everyone, we encourage you to #liveprolifically 

.. on to the next one!



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