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Continuing the journey of all things #whisky, we venture back into the world of #rye! As we tend to focus on single malts, we are excited for this mini departure to a different flavor-town! We honestly hold no preference to origins, styles and profiles as the spice of life can be found in almost everything… and we are thirsty for what rye #whiskey has to offer and continue to teach us!

Graciously sent from the northern #California laboratory #TamarDistillery, the rare 8 year old Rye Malt from their #Mendocino Spirits brand is a chewy delicious thing.  Prominent notes of quality grain spirit and spice are beautifully accented by the wood finish of the #cognac barrel influence while hints of burnt sugars and floral sweetness linger in and around the palate.  As we are novice to the taste of rye and having only experienced a few other expressions to help render our idea of the style, we can definitely admit a joyful YES for this one! What an absolute tasty experience.

Mendocino Spirit Rye 8YO | Strawberry Fromage - Whisky And Donuts -
Mendocino Spirit Rye 8YO | Strawberry Fromage - Whisky And Donuts -
Mendocino Spirit Rye 8YO | Strawberry Fromage - Whisky And Donuts -

And to keep the outer limit theme going for this #WhiskyAndDonuts pairing, we finally visited this closer than local bakery serving French style pastries with a twist. Hamada-ya #Bread #Bar, located inside the California-Japanese market chain #Mitsuwa, has been creating amazingly fluffy treats for years now and we have finally found the opportunity to feature one of their gems!  The strawberry #fromage bun or.. #donut is, like many desserts from #Japan, light on the sweetness to allow more balance of flavor from all of the ingredients.  Fromage, meaning #cheese in #French, carries the overall theme of this one! Delicately sweetened cheese puff fills the inside of the spongy casing topped with a subtle berry jam mix and fresh fruit slices for a melt in your mouth bite.

The strength of cinnamon and funky wood notes from the pour are met with accord by this palm sized dessert in perfect harmony. And we are openly admitting that another round of this pairing will be enjoyed shortly after posting as the duo is not overly consuming like our past features including the traditional deep fried #doughnuts with excessive sugars and toppings that we ALL have come to cherish and #love.  Mendocino Spirits also offers a #bourbon that we cant wait to dig into so stay tuned for more from this brand on our channels!

Until the next one, #Slainte!

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