• Tullamore Dew Phoenix | St. Patty's Day Vanilla Bean - Whisky and Donuts Tullamore Dew Phoenix | St. Patrick’s Cake


    The best way to celebrate the death of an Irish saint?… a bit of Whisky and Donuts perhaps!?!? No need to go searching for that pot of gold in your local bar conveniently decorated in green when you can immerse yourself in pairing like this one…

    Tullamore DEW’s Phoenix Limited Edition tri-blend is quite a little gem. Sweet and complex for an Irish whiskey, the Phoenix shows its true colors for the patient drammer. But careful, as the wee little leprechaun may be coming to steal all of your bottles filled with this stuff!

    Along with the creamy vanilla notes of this whisky, Sidecar Doughnut’s St. Patricks Day cake is just green enough for you to not get pinched! This super moist donut is subtle in sweetness and softer than the upgrade at your local Sit n’ Sleep… We wonder how many of these we can eat?

    We wish you all a happy Friday and may you all ditch work early enough to grab the good seats at your Guinness-serving establishment! Slainte

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  • Peat Monster | Passion Fruit & Chocolate Nibs - Whisky and Donuts Peat Monster | Passion Fruit


    When left to our own devices, we often find clarity and happiness within experimentation… So similar to those at Compass Box Whisky Co. who excel in providing drams of such creativity for all to enjoy! We are discovering that independent bottlers of whisky truly deserve a place on the podium.

    The Peat Monster is an expressive and enjoyable blended whisky! The name provides a straight forward introduction to the experience. But honestly, there is much more to this bottle than the shiny packaging and blunt advertisement for the everyday peat lover. Dedicated sea salt and smoke usually a peated whiskey like this one, although the floral and fruit elements have added the giant smile to the intense spice! We are definitely fans!

    Back to the new Shibuya transplant bakery Good town Doughnuts USA for another mouth melter! Their passion fruit and cocoa nib topped donut is pure umami on it’s own… when paired with the peat monster, it becomes another monster altogether! An exotic fruit bowl on acid, one of Peter Griffin’s lucid dreams, a wormhole ride with Bill & Ted, this is our jam!

    Hope everyone has a great week! Thank you for reading and sharing! Slainte.

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  • Benriach Peated | Vegan Samoa - Whisky and Donuts Benriach Peated Quarter Cask | Vegan Samoa

    Benriach Peated Quarter Casks | Vegan Samoa Donut

    Non age statement whisky is often frowned upon or atleast passed over these days… frankly that is what we get for guzzling it all up so quickly! Two words: supply and demand.

    This Benriach ugly cousin expression is young and experimental. Perhaps to test the allegiance of the Islay peat folk or the new owners have a market sharin’ crack at some craft style distilling, this non chilly willy filtered dram is no joke! Not quite Laphroaig’s 1/4 bottle… (must we always compare) delivers a scotch regional mashup which presents something new to the cocktail table!

    We are big fans of this distillery for exactly two reasons… quality single malt and a fearlessness approach to challenging such a traditional practice. *Oh Billy, you will be missed!

    Back to the exclusive Poqet Donuts for their stab at the vegan donut game. And guess what..
    They floored us again with their version of the girl scout favorite samoa! Ain’t no brownie with a card reader going to snatch our money, ‘cuz we just found a new dealer!

    It is a Super soft choco hoop covered in freshly shredded coconut strips and almond caramel glaze. PERIOD.

    For more info on this pairing visit our site!

    Slainte Witches!

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  • Benriach Solstice 17 | Raspberry & Pistachio - Whisky and Donuts Benriach Solstice 17 | Raspberry & Pistachio

    Benriach Solstice 17 (2nd Edition) and Raspberry & Pistachio

    There might only be a few combinations in this world that can top whisky and donuts. The obvious peanut butter and chocolate will most likely reign supreme along with others that have moved mountains through out human existence. Well, Benriach’s epifany of port and peat is an exceptional combination that most likely will go down in history!

    The marriage of port pipes and peated malt in a bourbon barrel beckons repeated investigation. Enough complexity and intrigue to send the writers of The OA running for the hills while even testing the loyalty of the most devout Islay peat heads, this single malt whisky is a dream in a glass!

    We return to Good Town Doughnuts in Costa Mesa for this pairing. A raspberry cream frosting and pistachio topped brioche hoop-snoop-a-loop is simply mouth watering and pairs insanely with the Solstice 17. This pastries berry town and nuttiness is the secret as Leeloo’s multipass is to Corban Dallas’ happiness… If you know than you know….

    By the way, it’s International Scotch Day….
    Surely a marketing sales tactic by Diageo… any suggestions when the official International Whisky and Donuts Day should be??
    Regardless, we will except this special day with open arms as another excuse… we mean reason to raise a dram!

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  • Old Grand Dad 114 | Chocolate - Whisky and Donuts Old Grand Dad 114 | Dark Chocolate Crunch

    For those of you who missed the bourbon boat we thought we would take full advantage and rub this pairing in your face!

    This mahogany monster is the real deal! Firm in its delivery, this crazy proof bourbon from James Van der Beek Beam offers more than just new follicles on your back. Quietly sweet like subdued molasses with a bit of heat from the rye and cinnamon flickers this more like what your ‘old grand dad’ would actually be drinking! Just like everyone else, it we think it is a dang shame a high quality whiskey like this one is going away. Don’t worry, you can still snag a few of these bottles but not for long as $25 can make todays man buy more than one case!

    And my oh my! We are so blessed to have quality donut makers popping up all around the W&D! Originally from Omotesando, Tokyo, Good Town Doughnuts has staked their claim into the USA doughnut game right around the corner… Paired with the 114, is GTD’s dark chocolate crunch, a delicate buttery brioche pastry topped with silky midnight and zanex sized wafer balls.. Together, GOODNIGHT.

    Be sure to visit them soon.. located in the anti-mall where hypsters go to frolic!

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  • Aberfeldy 12 Strawberry Cheesecake - Whisky and Donuts Aberfeldy 12 | Strawberry Cheesecake


    The term ‘curiously pleasant’ comes to mind when describing our experience with the #Aberfeldy 12 year old! ‘Curious’ in that this #dram offers more than what most would expect from a entry level standard and widely available #whisky. ‘Pleasant’ is within the convenience of its experience. Not good, not bad, in no way are we sharing our pairings to judge in anyway. Saying that, this by no means is a #singlemalt that will be a vital go-to while you have #dreams of #drams rather an important building block to your own journey towards infinite #scotch enlightenment!

    #CraftedDonuts created another gem with their Strawberry #Cheesecake #donut. Silky and #sweet, this #bakery banger brought out the little bests from this last great malt without showing off.

    For you statesiders, this will most likely be the last post before another page turns… So we will see you on the other side! #Slainte !

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