• Glengoyne 15 | Lemon and Pistachio - Whisky and Donuts Glengoyne 15 | Lemon & Pistachio

    – Glengoyne 15 and the Lemon and Pistachio Donut –
    Whether you are seeking knowledge or just want to improve ye olde palate skills, whisky tasting can potentially lead to personal clarity!

    Hear us out… Perhaps your new years resolution is to slow down and soak things in a bit more.. Well, whisky will force you to do so. This aged 15 year year old single malt is best when rested in the glass for at least 10 minutes. Just like it’s barley during production, air is this drams best friend! Golden and sweet, this lowland distillery gem is rich in character but again, best sipped with patience.

    Almost a perfect match is the fluffy pastry hoop from Crafted Donuts! Tart lemon soaked frosting topped with fresh pistachios compliments the light pepper and wide-ranged spices within the aura of the whiskey.

    Exciting things in 2017. Be positive and share a dram with friends when you can!


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  • Glenmorangie Milsean | Pear Charlotte Glenmorangie Milsean and Pear Charlotte

    Beyond the scramble of the holidays, we can justify the lack of pairings this month… We are so excited to announce the launch of our new website just before the new year! When you get a moment, have a peek and let us know what you think! Stocked with branded goods, pairings and media within our world…

    Not often are we driven to expressions based upon their packaging… Honestly, it is one of the few cardinal rules to live by during anyone’s journey into the world of whisky. The #Milsean (gaelic for sweet things) is an exception to the rule. The original #candycane inspired packaging from #Glenmorangie is consistent with its ingredients. A beautiful complexity wins over the stereotypical sweetness many rave about. And although very sweet, is accompanied by smooth velvet and spice which upgrades the experience considerably past another wine driven whisky.

    Without going into too much detail, the Milsean offers a truly lovely experience. Not too much of anything while offering moments of excitement and clarity.

    The Pear Charlotte from #Sidecar Doughnuts is consistent in its own right. In addition to this #French classic, the fresh Bosc pears, tart pomegranate seeds and hand whipped cream amplifies the sweet theme within this pairing. Unfortunately this limited donut offering is ending in a few days, although wouldn’t be surprised if we see it again on their menu in the near future! Happy Holidays | #Slainte M’hath

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  • Lagavulin 8 | Pumpkin PieLagavulin 8 | Pumpkin Pie Lagavulin 8 | Pumpkin Pie

    LAGAVULIN 8 | PUMPKIN CREAM #happyhalloween everyone! Have fun and be safe when you are out on the town… We have the perfect replacement for a #trickortreat kind of night.. #lagavulin aged 8 years with a #pumpkin #cream filled #donut from #crafteddonuts! The perfect #pairing for #halloween, the super moist cream filled #bakery whopper promotes the #beautiful #allspice suggestions within this well refined #singlemalt. This mainly #bourbon based #islay #peat head #whisky is an amazing expression! Ghoulishly good in all the right places and many characteristics without too much complexity… get your hands on a bottle before they disappear! #whiskyanddonuts #doughnuts #whiskey #whiskylove #whiskyporn #whiskeyporn #whiskeytime #donuts #donutporn #foodporn #doughnutporn #photography #foodie (at Knott’s Scary Farm)

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  • Craigellachie 19 | Mango Cheesecake Craigellachie 19 and Mango Cheesecake

    Today we reviews the Craigellachie 19 and Mango Cheesecake from Poqet Donuts!

    We were so fortunate enough to grab a couple bottles of travel exclusives Craigellachie 19 year old.

    Heathrow duty free has always gotten the best of us on the way out! And we don’t intend on slowing down the next time we meet!

    Having experienced other expressions in the Craigellachie range, we found the 19 a matured version of the 13. An obvious statement, but rather intended to relate the 13 for overall characteristics and experience rather than the closer aged 17 expression. Personally, we feel that this distillery excels with younger aged whisky. The 13 expression presents an all-arounder which embodies a Speyside style of whisky! Intriguingly, the most important and enjoyable elements seem to peak at the 19th year.

    The marriage of the vanilla and apple signature sweetness happily coexists with the bitter barley and light smoke. And as an added bonus, this age allows subtle spices of woods and ginger to find their own prevalent space. Individually, they compliment the tasting experience. Overall, not necessarily a sweet or creamy single malt, rather a bold dram. Although presents ALL of it’s ingredients to the 10th degree! We look forward to sharing this bottle with our close friends and family soon!

    To balance the sometimes biting and bitter 19, we thought we would pair a sweet bomb from Poqet Donuts with their Mango Cheesecake. Incredibly rich and creamy, this duo will bring you to complete umami! The buttery filling contains the right amount of mango tart to compliment the tang of dried fruit while taming the feisty sulphuric like burn.

    We look forward to our next pairing as we prepare for some exciting news in the coming weeks thanks to the success of our whisky and donut pairing venture! Stay tuned! Slåinte mhath!

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  • Alexander Murray Dailuaine 16 | Vanilla & Coffee Alexander Murray Dailuaine 16 | Vanilla & Coffee

    Todays pairing is the bottling of Alexander Murray Dailuaine 16 and Vanilla & Coffee from Poqet Donuts!

    Subtle on all sides, but not so much that the experience becomes mundane.

    We love the characteristics of this single malt, strong vanilla, sprinkled spice and an aroma that is reminiscent of the distillery’s surrounding area… If you’ve been to this region in Scotland then you will know what we are talking about! Everything seems to be a bit brighter and more magical no matter the climate or mood. Anyway, we truly enjoy the slow pace set by this dram, perhaps a lower heat under the oak burned to a light crispiness and thick dripping butteriness of malt that would reduce a cheetah to a crawl! Perhaps that is why the Poqet Donuts Vanilla & Coffee is a perfect pairing for this dram. This donut is thick and creamy with a little java, sugar and spice. It supplies just about of everything to fill the small gaps of the A/M Dailuaine. It is sure to make you smile from ear to ear!

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  • Wolfburn | Macadamia Coconut Wolfburn 2016 Release | Macadamia Coconut

    To successfully release a 3 year old #whisky of upper echelon quality is never a small task … especially for a new #distillery. Although considered young, this #barelylegal #singlemalt presents true promise for future expressions to come from #Wolfburn. The 2016 release, aged in a first fill #bourbon #cask, presents more maturity than the age stated. Lovely grains and light orchard fruits combined with a modest amount of killer #peat smoke, this is simply a delicious #dram! We are intrigued by all of the subtleties in this expression; there are lovely layers of honey and #seasalt while the #oakcompliments the burn from its youth.

    The #PoqetDonuts #Macadamia #Coconut #donut steers this dram to supreme fruition.

    The rich nuttiness is “from another planet” delicious complimenting the grassy notes while the #super sweet young coconut draws out even more characters from #woodworking oils. There is shimmer on the horizon and it’s calling to us…and we are excited! For now we can only hope there is plenty of this to go around for everyone to enjoy! Howl at the moon y’all! #whiskyanddonuts #whiskyporn #whiskeyporn#foodporn #scotland #thurso #highlands #surfing #doughnuts #doughnut#whiskey #yummy #delicious

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