Raw Craft with Luthier Rachel Rosenkrantz

In this episode of Raw Craft Anthony Bourdain heads to Providence, Rhode Island to meet with luthier Rachel Rosenkrantz.

Enjoy and learn how she makes handcrafted custom guitars.

Rachel left a successful career in product design to start her own small business making tailored string instruments. Atelier Rosenkrantz creates originals for musicians of all kinds from her home studio. Rachel Rosenkrantz is introduced to Andy Rourke, bassist for The Smiths, to create an original electro acoustic bass guitar.

Rosenkrantz’ bass is later used for recording the Raw Craft score.  Composer Timothy O’Keefe makes an appearance during the studio recording footage.  Each Rosenkrantz instrument is thoughtfully designed and built to last a lifetime and highly collectable.  This episode is directed by filmmaker Rob Meyer.  Episode music is created by Tim O’Keefe & Andy Rourke.

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