Here we are… another pre-match preparation that has somehow prematurely led its way into the next first quarter without a single kick-off whistle blown.

Another chapter’s pages consumed by foodie soaked fingers, spotted with the tear drops of experience, stained by the sweat of last year’s take, hopefully has caused an organic expression in our past assessments and judgements to come.

It is a given that the near and distant future will bring more whisk(e)y and donuts to our table, more photography sessions to invariably marry the two, while sustaining the romanticism of the next dram, the next glazed bite, the next perfectly framed execution… We cant help but wonder, as this wee dream of an adventure continues, where is it taking us?

As of now, the goal is to not necessarily improve… rather remain present.  Todays pace can be infectious, the rate of consumption has become almost subconscious, contributing to the public stream for no other reason than the habitual desire to remain valid to ones own reflection.  We can no longer control the pace, but we can control the quality of it.  Perhaps that is why we have created something so ridiculous as W&D.  A tongue in cheek representation of these delicious consumables that often become too extravagant yet are justified in their purpose…  Regardless, pairing a dram of whisk(e)y and a donut has caused a reaction within all of us.  A reaction that hopefully lasts longer than a meme rapidly swiped away from your social feeds.  Yet, a reaction is all we can aim to achieve these days. WOW!… We apologize for the uber Jerry Maguire rant… this was just supposed to be a year in review rather than a turmoiled ‘mission statement’ laced with the effervescence of the quan!

With all of this personal philoso-shite said, we truly appreciate all of you who have taken the time to digest our shenanigans.  Those of you who approve and possibly even more of you who disapprove, thank you for all of the interactions, the comments, the shares, the loyalty, the avoidance, the stalking and the banter.  We will continue to contribute to this platform with full integrity and authenticity, because you deserve it… and so do we…

We are excited for the future of Whisky & Donuts. Excited for the new expressions that will make headlines and cause fault lines.  Excited for the ever growing pile of toppings that may cause pastry overloads and Sunday morning ‘around the block’ lines. Excited for us to share a moment within this hyper-lapsed life.  Nonetheless, we promise to remain conscious, remain true.  For something as irrelevant as this trend/movement/culture may not immediately solve everything but hopefully, in time, leads to the fulfillment of something.

We wish all of you prosperity and happiness in the coming year and look to the horizon with a smile that we may meet again very soon!

To 2018, You had me at hello.

Whisky gives you answers… you know the rest…

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