Springbank Burgundy 12 | Rose Geranium & Blackberry Doughnut

Springbank Burgundy 12 Rose Geranium Blackberry

Today we pair the limited Springbank Burgundy 12 Rose Geranium and Blackberry Doughnut from Sidecar Doughnuts.

For our 50th pairing post we can only smile when as the pairing gods were at peace and the W&D stars aligned…

When we got our hands on a couple of cask strength bottles of Springbank Burgundy 12 Year old and Sidecar Doughnuts’ August flavor release Rose Geranium & Blackberry Doughnut, all was good with world.  During our pairing process we usually like to have a bit more contrast between the whisky and the donut, these two are so positively similar they compliment each others subleties rather than cancel them.

Honestly, anytime Springbank distillery releases an expression at cask strength it is going to be a good thing!  Known for producing the purest single malt in the land, the Campbeltown distillery is truly one of a kind!

We love the slight departure from their signature flavor profile in this french-Burgundy theme… Much sweeter while maintaining the amazing touches of sea salts, bitter fruits and leather. As much as we recommend a full tasting experience, we found this dram better sans H2O…

The now discontinued Sidecar doughnuts Rose Geranium & Blackberry is the burgundy dram in doughnut form! Slightly tangy topping from the blackberries and earthy  red wine infused syrup makes this donut a singular dream..

Add a sip of Springbank and get lost in cloud of vineyards and sunshine!

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