• Taste The Dram - Whisky And Donuts - WhiskyAndDonuts.com Interview with Taste The Dram

    We spoke to Johnny the brain child behind the infamous @WhiskyandDonuts account on Instagram. Who the hell thought that putting whisky and donuts together was a good idea? I do not know, but it seems this guy is onto something. Johnny let’s try something different. Tell us some fun facts about yourself to kick things [...] Continue Reading
  • Here's Johnny - Spirit Of Speyside - Whisky And Donuts - WhiskyAndDonuts.com Here’s Johnny!

    Whisky aficionados who descend on one of the world’s leading whisky festivals have many hobbies and interests – and one will be sharing his love of donuts and drams at the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival 2018. The event ‘Here’s Johnny’ is more The Simpsons than The Shining, given donuts are Homer Simpson’s favourite food, [...] Continue Reading